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Literary roundup: International Man Booker + Teffi

The Vegetarian by Han Kang has awarded the 2016 Man Booker International Prize. The novel was translated into English by Deborah Smith and published by Portobello Books. The author and translator are each awarded a prize of £25,000 as well as a trophy. If you haven’t read this novel yet you absolutely should. It’s amazing. […]

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Literalab’s Best Books of 2014: McSweeney’s 46

I have finally begun my ‘Best Books’ list and this year I’m not doing it all at once but am featuring the very best books with reviews and/or links of their own. One of my very favorites this year was McSweeney’s Latin American Crime issue and I reviewed it today in B O D Y. […]

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‘The Devil is a Black Dog’ review in B O D Y

My review of Sándor Jászberényi’s soon-to-be published debut short story collection The Devil is a Black Dog. We have published five of the amazing stories in B O D Y, three of them during this past Sándor Jászberényi Week. So hopefully this review will send you on to the stories and to the book itself, […]

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Literalab’s Best Books of 2013

1. The Devil’s Workshop by Jáchym Topol (translated by Alex Zucker)             Like my favorite book of the year before, my favorite book of 2013 delves into the ultimate horrors that man inflicts on his fellow man, but does so with a surplus of imagination, suspense and humor. Whereas Selvedin […]

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Book Review: ‘Under This Terrible Sun’

Last month B O D Y published an excerpt from Argentine writer Carlos Busqued’s debut novel Under This Terrible Sun, just recently published in Megan McDowell’s English translation. Now, I have written a review of the book for this week’s Friday Pick. Read the review, read the excerpt, read the novel – not necessarily in […]

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‘Seven Terrors’

On March 7, 2005 the hero of Selvedin Avdić’s brilliant and captivating novel Seven Terrors decides to get up out of bed after nine months of self-imposed apathy as a result of having been left by his wife. Ready to return to life what he actually returns to is horror. Read the book review in […]

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Werfel in new ‘Review of Contemporary Fiction’

The Dalkey Archive Press has just published the Review of Contemporary Fiction: The Future of British Fiction. This is the Fall 2012 issue but don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that we now have months and months of cold weather in front of us (at least I hope it doesn’t). As usual, if you want to […]

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‘The Bridge Over the Neroch: And Other Works’ by Leonid Tsypkin

The two novellas and five short stories that make up The Bridge Over the Neroch: And Other Works comprise the rest of the writing left to us by the author of Summer in Baden-Baden, Leonid Tsypkin. New Directions is bringing the book out in February 2013 and you can read my review in the 2nd […]

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‘Sin’ by Zakhar Prilepin

There are many different ways writers can infuse a story or novel with intensity without much in the way of incident or plot. The movement can occur on symbolic or historical levels, they can mine literary history as their character walks around Dublin or devote all their attention to the beauty of the individual sentences […]

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‘Cynics’ by Anatoly Mariengof

It’s a novel about the early days of the Russian Revolution, the civil war and the famine that ravaged the Soviet Union. The extremes of hunger and poverty are set off against the high living and obscene wealth of those taking advantage of the Soviet government’s New Economic Policy. A story of love and betrayal […]

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