Jan Balaban review in B O D Y

In commemoration of the death of Czech writer Jan Balabán ten years ago at the age of forty-nine, B O D Y editor Jan Zikmund has reviewed the English version ...

Pavel Vilikovský dies at 78

Slovak writer Pavel Vilikovský died Monday at 78. He was one of Slovakia’s most prominent contemporary writers and his profile in English was getting a lift with the recent translation ...

The Night Circus | Review | CE Short Story Issue

“The collection’s cast of characters includes, among others, a child-like dwarf creature who needs to be kept away from water and serves as a litmus paper in the human world, ...


Dusan Mitana in CE Short Story Issue

“The place where the executions took place was right under the ramparts ...

Zoran Feric in CE Short Story Issue

The Central European Short Story Issue kicks off its second week with ...

Anna Bolava in CE Short Story Issue

“I didn’t shine a light there. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t ...

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Richard Pupala in CE Short Story Issue

“There was a time, long, long ago now, when Michal used to be scared of him. Once he was startled awake in the middle of a hot summer’s night, to find his little brother sitting on his bed, motionless, a dark silhouette. Although he couldn’t see his face, he knew that the little one was […]

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Central European Short Story Issue

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the fall of various walls and a curtain, B O D Y editors Jan Zikmund and myself are publishing short stories from liberated but hardly problem-liberated Central Europe. It begins with an introduction, as most things do. There will also be some reviews of short story collections to give […]

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Adam Bodor in CE Short Story Issue

B O D Y’s Central European Short Story Issue kicks off today with “Rebi“, a chilling short story by Transylvanian-born Hungarian writer Ádám Bodor in a translation by Peter Sherwood. Bodor’s novel The Sinistra Zone was published by New Directions in a translation by Paul Olchváry. His novel The Birds of Verhovina, translated by Peter […]

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Siegfried Mortkowitz in B O D Y

“And so, with the Holocaust deeply entrenched in my genes, I masturbated every chance I got.” The combination that fuels Siegfried Mortkowitz’s essay in B O D Y “Sex and the Holocaust“, an account not only of his prolific masturbatory career but of his search for his pleasure hunger in his parents experience of the […]

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Slovak Lit in the UK

With the anniversary of the events of 1989 upon us there will be a series of events revolving around contemporary Slovak writing taking place in the UK. Presented under the banner ‘Raising the Velvet Curtain:A journey through contemporary SLOVAK arts’ a series of writers and publications will be presented by translator Julia Sherwood as well […]

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Dusan Sarotar in B O D Y

“In the narrow corridors and dark rooms of the once-elegant Hotel Dobray in the sleepy town of Sóbota, in a forgotten land wedged between Hungary and Yugoslavia, human destinies collide like the billiard balls in the hotel’s casino…” So reads the opening to the publisher’s description of Dušan Šarotar’s haunting Billiards at the Hotel Dobray, translated […]

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Dorota Maslowska in B O D Y

The author of Snow White and Russian Red has a new novel coming out in English translation courtesy of Deep Vellum Publishing and translator Benjamin Paloff. Titled Honey, I Killed The Cats, Dorota Masłowska’s shreds modern-day consumer capitalist (etc.) life from its opening pages and you can read its first two chapters in Saturday European […]

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B O D Y’s Prose Poem issue: Petr Borkovec

B O D Y will devote the month of June to the prose poem, with today’s work being Brief Bio For The Bereaved by Petr Borkovec, translated from the Czech by Justin Quinn. To read the introduction to the issue and an ongoing list of prose poems throughout the month click here.

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Jose Alcantara Almanzar in B O D Y

“Enthralled by a splendid fantasy she could not entirely understand, Gina let herself fall into the chair offered by the queen. It was then that she felt the sovereign’s heavy breathing. Gina put up with the smoky, alcohol breath; viewed up close the bleached, ghostly skin; the metallic glitter that decorated the eyelids; the scarlet […]

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Stefan Boskovic in B O D Y

“You leave Fitting Room no. 5 and drift tiredly down the dark corridor, and in your reflection you watch the shining of your shimmery scales beneath the dim gleam of the neon lights. A hazy sign high on the walls at the side leads you on toward the luxurious center. You travel like an illuminated […]

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