Serbian Fiction Week: Mirjana Novakovic in B O D Y

The Turks are closing in on Belgrade but the regent appointed by the Hapsburgs is preoccupied with more threatening and elusive foes – vampires. And not only the regent. Count ...

Aleksei Lukyanov in B O D Y

Russian writer Aleksei Lukyanov begins his story “Entwives” with a reference to the aforementioned entwives from J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, the female tree creatures lost to ...

Global Anthology of short stories

As far as comprehensive publications goes the Global Anthology is about as comprehensive as it gets. It Incorporates short stories and novel excerpts published online from every country in the ...


World Literature Today’s 75 Notable Translations of 2017

World Literature Today has issued its list of the 75 notable translations ...

Yury Kazarnovsky in B O D Y

In 1927, Russian poet Yury Kazarnovsky was arrested along with 11 other ...

Interview with Aleksandar Gatalica

Serbian Fiction Week gets some context with an interview with novelist and ...

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Serbian Fiction Week: Dana Todorovic in B O D Y

From The Tragic Fate of Moritz Tóth by Dana Todorović, translated by the author, as Serbian Fiction Week continues at B O D Y. This excerpt shows one of the twin narratives of the novel which pairs the story of a punk rocker, Moritz, who works as a prompter at the Budapest Opera, with that […]

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Serbian fiction in B O D Y

It’s Serbian Fiction Week in B O D Y so a good time to point out the Serbian writers who have already appeared in the magazine over the years. There was an excerpt from Aleksandar Gatalica’s novel The Great War translated by Will Firth. An interview with Gatalica will appear in B O D Y […]

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Justin Quinn on Bohuslav Reynek

Poet and translator Justin Quinn has written an essay in B O D Y on translation and the work of Czech poet Bohuslav Reynek, whose selected poetry he has translated in an edition to be published in November 2017. The Well at Morning: Selected Poems, 1925–1971 is being published by Karolinum Press and if you […]

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Literary roundup: Ranking Russians, Glas and Balla

Way back in 2013 when the world wasn’t utterly collapsing I had the foresight to publish an excerpt from Balla’s novella In the Name Of the Father, translated from the Slovak by Julia and Peter Sherwood. Now the book has been published by Jantar Publishing and translator Charles Sabatos has written about it in the […]

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Warwick Prize for Women in Translation

The entries for the first annual Warwick Prize for Women in Translation have been announced. The 58 books written by women, translated into English and published by in the UK or Ireland from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017 can be read on a full list from the prize’s website here. It includes some […]

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Lit Link Festival – Despite Brexit

Croatia’s Lit Link Festival takes place later this week from June 29 through July 1. With writers and literary editors from the UK as guests together with Croatian writers the festival takes place in three cities in three successive days – Pula on June 29, Rijeka on June 30 and Zagreb on July 1. The […]

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Interview with Spomenka Stimec

Spomenka Štimec, who writes in both her native Croatian as well as Esperanto, recently had her book Croatian War Nocturnal published in an English translation by Sebastian Schulman by Phoneme Media. I conducted an interview with her by way of e-mail and Sebastian Schulman’s translation from Esperanto, where she speaks about beginning to write in […]

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Korana Serdarevic in B O D Y

“…Pieces of dreams: in the morning, as he slept, she’d kiss the middle of his back. She’d walk barefoot, and he would hand her the slippers. He would shovel the snow in front of the door as she looked out the window. They would go to the mountains, rivers, lakes, and seaside. They would never […]

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Spomenka Stimec in B O D Y

“The army wanted my brother to report the next day at nine o’clock. The draft card covered up the ladies with their long skirts at the evening cabaret. France cabarets its nights away. I was born here, where a different program is in store. A mix of fear and bitterness suddenly overwhelmed me and wouldn’t […]

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James Hopkin in B O D Y

“If we all had our middle fingers removed, would there be anything left to say?” This is the opening of “Hipsters at an Exhibition“, a short story by James Hopkin featured this week in Saturday European Fiction. Hopkin is the author of the novel Winter Under Water as well as a book of stories among […]

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