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Luis de Miranda of Haute Culture Books, Part I

In a publishing world where carving out a unique niche, not to mention publishing unique books, might appear to be increasingly difficult, Haute Culture Books has come along and done just that. With a fascinating selection of fiction that are offerred as exceptional art objects publisher Luis de Miranda is charting a  very different course […]

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Martin Vopěnka’s Fifth Dimension

Czech author and publisher Martin Vopěnka was a guest at the Prague Writers’ Festival in 2012 and spoke to literalab about his path to becoming a writer, the influence of his studying physics on his most recent novel and his foray into children’s and young adult fiction in The Sleeping City. Read the full article […]

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European Literature Night profile: Noémi Szécsi

“After the difficulties I have encountered in trying to bring my edifying and instructive animal tales to the public I would have sold my soul to get them published. Now I no longer have even a soul, as I passed on last spring and I’ve been sucking men’s blood ever since, just like my grandmother. […]

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Poet and translator Jerome Rothenberg

Jerome Rothenberg was a guest at this year’s Prague Writers’ Festival and the acclaimed American poet spoke to me about his experience translating German and Czech poets, giving Nezval a voice in English and not speaking Yiddish with Paul Celan. Literalab: You’ve translated a number of German poets such as Paul Celan, and I was […]

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Final Cut: An Interview With Jürgen Fauth

The mystery at the heart of Jürgen Fauth’s debut novel Kino extends from the smoke-filled cabarets of Weimar Berlin and the era’s legendary silent films to a Brooklyn apartment of two newlyweds and a decrepit drug-filled house in the Hollywood Hills. The transatlantic story comes from a German-born American writer who tells Readux about the […]

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An interview with Pavel Vilikovský – Part I

  Slovak writer Pavel Vilikovský on facts, realism and what he really learned about Central Europeanism from Olomouc and Camus Pavel Vilikovský’s Ever Green Is …: Collected Prose was published by Northwestern University Press in 2002, while a short story (also included in the NWU collection) came out in Dalkey’s Slovak fiction anthology in 2010. […]

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The Sorrowful Putto of Prague

An interview with the creator of the comicbook Baroque anti-hero Xavier of the House of the Sorrowful Snows Since 1989 and the reemergence of Prague on the world stage, the city has become ever more closely linked with its Baroque artistic heritage. Write a novel that takes place in Prague and chances are the book […]

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Michael Scammell

After the darkness: an interview with Michael Scammell

Michael Scammell came to the Prague book fair with two seemingly related tasks – to speak about his biography of Arthur Koestler, Koestler: The Literary and Political Odyssey of a Twentieth Century Skeptic, and to participate in a panel on Index on Censorship, of which he was the founding editor. And while issues of censorship […]

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The urgency to write: an interview with Petra Hůlová

Czech novelist Petra Hůlová (b. 1979) vaulted to fame almost a decade ago with the publication of her debut novel All of This Belongs to Me (Paměť mojí babičce, 2002). Since then she has written five more novels in Czech and in 2009 saw her much acclaimed first novel published by Northwestern University Press in […]

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Tomáš Kafka: the rhyming ambassador

For many authors the acronym MFA refers to the Master of Fine Arts programs in writing that are currently so popular in the US, and that some critics argue create a stifling uniformity among aspiring scribes. For Tomáš Kafka, MFA instead refers to his employer, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As the current Czech […]

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