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International Literature Festival Berlin

The 11th International Literature Festival Berlin (internationales literaturfestival berlin) is in full swing with its typically amazing lineup of writers and events. The focus this year is Asia/Pacific and with the 10th anniversary of 9/11 coming in the middle of the festival there is bound to be a lot of discussion surrounding the myriad of […]

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Notes from the Berlin Underground

Danielle de Picciotto’s Berlin memoir begins with her arrival in the divided city in 1987, though its story follows threads back into her and her family’s past as well as the dark, glittering history of the German metropolis itself. Artist, musician, filmmaker, curator, co-founder of the Love Parade and more, she brings a wealth of […]

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The Kafka Bubble

The 20th century is often justifiably referred to as a bloodbath. The 21st century is bloody too, but might more accurately be described as a bubble bath. It was ushered in following the bursting of the dot-com bubble, and since then has experienced a housing bubble, a commodities bubble and almost every kind of financial, […]

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