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James Hopkin in B O D Y

“If we all had our middle fingers removed, would there be anything left to say?” This is the opening of “Hipsters at an Exhibition“, a short story by James Hopkin featured this week in Saturday European Fiction. Hopkin is the author of the novel Winter Under Water as well as a book of stories among […]

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Werfel in new ‘Review of Contemporary Fiction’

The Dalkey Archive Press has just published the Review of Contemporary Fiction: The Future of British Fiction. This is the Fall 2012 issue but don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that we now have months and months of cold weather in front of us (at least I hope it doesn’t). As usual, if you want to […]

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Literary roundup: Polish writers, Thor Garcia and Erich Kästner

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Prague-based writer Thor Garcia read from his most recent novel Only Fools Die of Heartbreak. Now the Czech Literature Portal has an interview with Garcia in which he talks about the mythical early 90s, his journalism and writing, Czech culture and “drab” American fiction. Having just written about […]

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