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Marina Porras in B O D Y

“Of all the sins, I liked envy best because it seemed the most dangerous. The others were more obvious: lust compels you to possess; pride, to act superior; greed, to hoard money; sloth, to do nothing; wrath, to attack; gluttony, to eat. Envy compels you to desire without consummation. It is an empty, unending sin…” […]

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WITmonth Q&As: Megan Berkobien on Spanish+Catalan

Throughout August, Literalab will be asking writers, translators and publishers to comment on both the women writers from their own language they most appreciate having been translated into English as well as those they would most like to see make the leap. Megan Berkobien is a translator pursuing a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the […]

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