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Tatiana Tîbuleac in B O D Y

“I would say that it is difficult to forget a language that you learned as a child, even if you learned it by force. A language in which you know all the games, the stories and songs. A language in which you made your first friends and have fond memories. It is possible, but it […]

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Rankov in B O D Y: Winter Issue

After they finished the rosary, their mother made her usual plea: “Dear God, please bring Karcsi home safely from the war.” “Amen,” Péter and his father said. “No,” Karcsi said, “I don’t want to come home. Instead you should pray that I live a less depraved life in hell than I have in this world.” […]

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Under Pressure (Bosnian version)

Istros Books has a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to translate and publish Under Pressure, a short story collection by war veteran and writer, Faruk Šehić. Šehić’s debut novel, Quiet Flows the Una, published in Will Firth’s English translation by Istros, won the 2013 EU Prize for Literature. The book was first published in Bosnian […]

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