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Literary roundup: Romanian fiction and the Jerusalem Prize

Albanian writer Ismail Kadare has been announced as the winner of this year’s Jerusalem Prize, which he will be awarded at the Jerusalem International Book Fair on Feb. 8. The prize is given to writers dealing with the theme of human freedom in society and was inaguarated in 1963 with Bertrand Russell the first winner. […]

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Nora Iuga in B O D Y

It’s Women in Translation Month and who better to represent it than an 83-year old author of a novel entitled The Sixty-Year-Old Woman And The Young Man? And to top it off, this excerpt, pulled out of the B O D Y archives for the occasion in a translation from the Romanian by Floran Bican, […]

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Nora Iuga: ‘To me, inspiration is almost the same as excitation’

To Nora Iuga, literature, love, eroticism and death go together and even grow interwoven, becoming interdependent. Nora Iuga speaks openly of her age – she is now 83 – but also of sexuality. Also of the eroticism of old age – a subject which many consider taboo, but which is absolutely real. She writes of […]

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