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Literary roundup: Index on Censorship and the Holocaust in Lithuania

In celebration of its 40th anniversary Index on Censorship is opening up its entire archives for 40 days from March 26 to, if I did the math correctly (no sure thing) means until May 5. After that all issues published before 2010 will remain available through the end of this year. Based on a quick […]

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The nine lives of Arnošt Lustig

Documentary film commemorates humor and humanity of Czech writer who lived through and documented history’s darkest days Approaching the anniversary of Czech-Jewish writer Arnošt Lustig’s death on Feb. 26, 2011 at age 84, a new documentary film celebrating his life and work is being released, titled Arnošt Lustig – devět životů (Arnošt Lustig – Nine […]

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The Golem, Gestapo and a wandering Jew at London’s Jewish Book Week

Jewish Book Week inaugurates its 60th year on February 18 in London, with a strong showing of Central and Eastern European literary events. Joseph Roth , Daša Drndić, Ludmila Ultiskaya , Umberto Eco, The Golem and more … “I have nothing to do with the landscape, nothing to do with the sky. Nor anything to […]

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