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Anna Belkovska in B O D Y

“An old Portuguese man steps out of a dream about the southand leans against a yellow wall.I would like to be his gaze, which measures the distancebetween the sun, the tourists’ white thighs and the blue tiles of the cathedral.” from “Uno”, one of two poems by Anna Belkovska in translation by Jayde Will that […]

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Inga Pizāne in B O D Y

‘To contemporary dance and poetry.To Bukowski, who drinks and fucks in every third poemand sends everyone to hell.I am reading a book of his selected poems in my countryside home.On a bench between the well, woodshed, and greenhouseand lavender, which won’t be here anymore tomorrow.’ from “You Get Used to Everything” by Inga Pizāne, published […]

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Literary roundup: Maria Stepanova, Baltic lit in translation and Colum McCann/John Berger

Short notice on this one but at 6pm CET (12 noon EST) the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation series Writers and Influences continues with Irish writer Colum McCann discussing John Berger. The event is free online, you just need to register. The ongoing series continues next week on June 21 with Jeffrey Eugenides on Alice Munro, Henry […]

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