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Literalab’s Best Books of 2012

Looking at the list of my top 10 books from 2012,  plus an added three from 2011 and two from even earlier, I can’t help noticing that besides the geographical commonality (they’re all by writers from Central and Eastern Europe except the Chilean Carlos Cerda, though even he was writing about being in exile in […]

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Final Cut: An Interview With Jürgen Fauth

The mystery at the heart of Jürgen Fauth’s debut novel Kino extends from the smoke-filled cabarets of Weimar Berlin and the era’s legendary silent films to a Brooklyn apartment of two newlyweds and a decrepit drug-filled house in the Hollywood Hills. The transatlantic story comes from a German-born American writer who tells Readux about the […]

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Technology of the night: ‘Kino’ by Jürgen Fauth

“ …the technology of the night, modernity pressed in the service of poetry, culling images from dreams and rendering them visible as if by the light of the moon, for all to see. It was magic.” A review of Kino by Jürgen Fauth. When Wilhemina Koblitz, called Mina, comes home after visiting her new husband […]

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