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Literary roundup: Cairo Lit Fest + Readux on Paris and Berlin

The inaugural Cairo Literature Festival is underway in the Egyptian capital and with panels on “Writings of Youth Writers in Central and Eastern Europe” and “Eastern Women Writing between Egypt and Europe”, among others, there are a number of Central European writers present at the festival There actually aren’t any Eastern European writers there, unless […]

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Prague Writers’ Festival 2013

This year’s Prague Writers’ Festival, which takes place from April 17 to 19, has a distinctly political thrust. Grouped around the theme “The Birth of Nations” there are a pair of discussions between participating writers titled “Revolution” and “The Birth and Death of Czechoslovakia.” The star of the festival is Nobel Prize-winning Turkish writer Orhan […]

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Conrad Festival 2012

The fourth annual Conrad Festival begins on October 22 in Kraków, the city the great writer moved to as a child before he hit the seven seas and eventually settled down to become an Englishman. In fact, the festival has nothing to do with Joseph Conrad other than borrowing his lofty patronage to welcome similar […]

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