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Central Europe and its cities

Polish quarterly magazine Res Publica Nowa has published a special English-language issue “Central Europe as City.” Besides the editorials, there are five articles from the issue available online on the Eurozine website and they contain some fascinating information. Articles cover an array of topics – from the multicultural history of today’s Bratislava to the Jews […]

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Czesław Miłosz at 100

Is the poet who engaged in grimace contests being fixed into the useful image of a European literary saint? The centenary of Czesław Miłosz falls on June 30 of this year amidst a more than yearlong array of festivals, readings, official declarations and celebrations stretching from the poet’s birthplace in Lithuania to Poland and the […]

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Andrzej Stasiuk on the controversial Golden Harvest

Polish writer Andrzej Stasiuk has written a compelling article about the interlinked history of the Polish and Jewish people  at the Central European Forum’s Salon site. It comes in response to the controversy arising out of the upcoming publication of the book Golden Harvest (Złote żniwa) by Jan Tomasz Gross and Irena-Grudzińska Gross, which was […]

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