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Literary roundup: Poetry during Auschwitz and Slovak, Czech and Hungarian novels

At Tablet there is an essay on Yiddish poet Simkha-Bunim Shayevitch, (also written as Simcha Bunem Shayevich) whose two poems were found “after the war among the heaps of rubble left in the empty ghetto of Lodz.” The essay was written by Yiddish author Chava Rosenfarb, who died last year, and makes the tragic story […]

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Slovenia’s Vilenica International Literary Festival

The 27th Vilenica International Literary Festival runs from September 5 to 9 throughout Slovenia, primarily in the region bordering Italy. “Nomadic writers” is a thematic focus at this year’s festival, with a selection of guests who amply illustrate this tendency. Bekim Sejranović is a writer from Bosnia and Herzegovina who lives in Oslo, Dimitré Dinev […]

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