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European Literature Night 2015

Contemporary European literature will have a night in the spotlight in a multitude (75, as it turns out) of Czech and European cities on Wednesday, May 13, as public readings will be taking place from a wide variety of works and in an assortment of interesting locations for European Literature Night 2015. The project originated […]

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It begins in Prague’s Old Town of the well-known cobblestone, labyrinthine streets, where Franz Kafka was born and raised, but in this case refers more to the city of crystal ashtrays, miniature stone Golems, Kafka tee-shirts and guided tours. As the editors of “Kafkaesque: Stories Inspired by Franz Kafka” point out in their introduction, “we […]

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The literary divide pt. 2 – Europe and the isolationism of American literary debate

There must be something other than pollen in the air, because literary disputes have been both more frequent and more heated than usual: the novel isn’t dead, one earnest article claims, it just happens to be the focus of a rearguard attack by the defenders of privilege. The ongoing debate over the value or worthlessness […]

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