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Leonie Hodkevitch in B O D Y

“We had stopped here and there along the way—at important spots, where he had seen a deer for the first time or where he’d had his first kiss. So I didn’t get to see the landscape while it was still light, and now only saw it as elongated shadows that the hills were casting over […]

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Festival Neue Literatur 2015

The German-language literature festival, the Festival Neue Literatur, is taking place in New York City from Feb 19 – 22 with six writers from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland and a theme of Love and Money. Among the featured authors you can see Swiss writer Jonas Lüscher, whose novel Barbarian Spring in an English translation by […]

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Josef Winkler in B O D Y

“While the gypsy woman held a garment in the air, offering it to the pineapple vendor, her teat slid from the mouth of her child, who squealed in hunger. The gypsy shoved her nipple, stiff and dripping milk, back between her child’s lips, his mouth filthy and his eyes sealed shut with pus.” From Josef […]

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