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Lukas Luk in B O D Y

Lukáš Luk’s novel Honey Thieves will be out in Slovak shortly but B O D Y has already brought you a short excerpt from this story of two brothers who gather honey in the forests of the newly Christian Kingdom of Hungary. It was translated from the Slovak by Magdalena Mullek. Read more Saturday European […]

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Literary roundup: CE Forum, Vladimir Makinin and ©

The Central European Forum takes place in Bratislava from November 15 to 18 and there are a host of writers from the region taking part, including Serbia’s Vladimir Arsenijević, Slovenia’s Drago Jančar (last year’s European Literature Prize winner – more below), Hungary’s György Konrád, Czech Jáchym Topol, Poland’s Andrzej Stasiuk and many more. The conference […]

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Экспонат выставки подслушивающих устройсв в Чешском центре в Москве

Literary roundup: the other kind of literary agents

B O D Y A new Prague-based international literary magazine has just come out. B O D Y is run by editors Joshua Mensch, Christopher Crawford, Stephan Delbos and contains a selection of poetry, fiction and an essay on three neglected American women poets from the early 20th century by poet, writer and translator Richard […]

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Bruno Schulz’s ‘Treatise on Mannequins’

The Central European theater company Kompánia will stage a work based on the drawings and writings of Bruno Schulz on Saturday The Treatise on Mannequins is a theater piece inspired by Bruno Schulz’s art and writing, using music, visual art and acting to transmit a “world beyond time and space” to the audience. Director Krzysztof […]

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Writing on the Danube: Part 2 on Readux

The second part of an article in Berlin’s Readux on the Literature in Flux program and the river it took place on. Stories of piracy, swimming feats, drowning and love – some true, some fictional and some a combination of the two. What they all have in common is The Danube. Continue Reading Photo – […]

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Writing on the Danube: Part 1 on Readux

The first part of an article on the Literature in Flux program published on Readux. Writers from Germany to Bulgaria take a literary boat trip down the Danube and attempt to explore issues of European identity, the chaotic state of the world and the precarious situation of freelance writers. Continue Reading

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Péter Nádas: ‘Parallel Stories’

Parallel Stories by Péter Nádas is being published in the US on October 26. The 1,152 page novel took the Hungarian writer 18 years to complete, which is one the reasons it is being “hailed” as a “once-in-a-generation literary event.” Considering the recent New York Times lament that so many top American novelists like Jeffrey […]

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The Siege of Sziget

The difficulties of getting writing translated into foreign languages is often taken as a particularly current subject, as if the glut and popularity of English-language bestsellers, the Internet and modern publishing are obviously to blame. But the case of Miklós Zrínyi would make even the most happily obscure contemporary poet shudder. He published his Hungarian […]

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Central Europe and its cities

Polish quarterly magazine Res Publica Nowa has published a special English-language issue “Central Europe as City.” Besides the editorials, there are five articles from the issue available online on the Eurozine website and they contain some fascinating information. Articles cover an array of topics – from the multicultural history of today’s Bratislava to the Jews […]

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Sándor Márai – the definition of a Central European writer

The publication of the novel Embers brought the name of Sándor Márai back into the international spotlight somewhat. Since then a number of translations into English have followed – most recently Portraits of a Marriage, which a review on Hungarian Literature Online says is actually a grouping of two Márai novels. Although known as a […]

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