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Ivan Dodovski in B O D Y pt. 2

“Those are just rungs, you poor people, rungs in the pecking order; I scaled them carefully, on my guard, one at a time, onwards towards the top. Push down whoever is beneath you, lick the heels of whoever is above, lick until he stumbles, then see him down, and you can continue one rung further […]

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Contemporary writing from Macedonia

The most recent work in B O D Y’s Saturday European Fiction was “Scribbles” by Macedonian writer Rumena Bužarovska, while a month earlier there was a story by another Macedonian writer, Ivan Dodovski, who has another work forthcoming in the magazine. Macedonia is a country of just over two million people but has its share […]

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Ivan Dodovski in B O D Y

“They’ll never understand my love,” Marko Redstarski told his two friends one afternoon. “I understand you entirely,” the journalist said. “Me too,” the musician nodded. “And they think I’m practicing sabotage!” the artist went on. “They want to rob the revolution of its charm, its beauty and mysticism, its solemnity…” This bit of dialogue comes […]

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