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Bruno Jasieński’s Parisian dance of death

“The ambulances’ ominous horns wailed in the black tunnels of the streets, like a lonesome scream for help. The dancing stopped here and there and the unsettled crowd quickly dispersed to their homes. In Montparnasse, the Latin Quarter and a few other districts inhabited by foreigners, dancing continued. The horns howled relentlessly, mournful and terror-stricken.” […]

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New Ladislav Klíma novel

Twisted Spoon Press has announced the release of Ladislav Klíma’s novella Glorious Nemesis. The publisher describes the book as “a balladic ghost story that explores the metaphysics of love and death, crime and reincarnation,” set in the mountainous Tyrol. The novella was translated from the Czech by Marek Tomin. Twisted Spoon previously published Klíma’s novel […]

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