Richard Pupala in CE Short Story Issue

“There was a time, long, long ago now, when Michal used to be scared of him. Once he was startled awake in the middle of a hot summer’s night, to find his little brother sitting on his bed, motionless, a dark silhouette. Although he couldn’t see his face, he knew that the little one was watching him. Michal couldn’t tear his eyes off him, he was unable to turn away or say a word. He only closed his eyes after a dark blotch started to spin above his brother’s head – but it was probably just his tired eyes imagining it.”

– from “A Lion in the Forest” by Richard Pupala, translated from the Slovak by Julia and Peter Sherwood.

Read this story of obscure nightmarish horror in B O D Y’s Central European Short Story Issue as well as the rest of the issue here.

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