White Light – Panel #7

“The carriage begins to pick up speed. I want to lean forward and ask Roman if he’s okay, but when I look out again, I see, for the first time, people in the windows of a villa. They are staring expectantly up at the now pitch-black sky. The speed of the horses alarms their dogs who rush to the fence at the front of their property, teeth bared, howling.

As we fly by, two children wave flags that look like they are made of stained glass, like they’re cheering us on in a race. Where is the light that shines through those flags coming from? To what country do those colors belong? It is too much of a blur.”

– from my short story “White Light”.

The magazine is now available for order here (in print or as a PDF).

You can also find Panel #7 in a number of bookstores from Budapest, Riga, Krakow to St. Petersburg. If you live in Prague you can get it at Shakespeare and Sons.

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