The Annihilators – in Night Picnic

“And may I ask where the present-day annihilators of your history happen to come from?” Aaron asked with ill-concealed irony.
Gregor, in mid-sip, didn’t need to wait to speak to provide an answer. With apologetic eyes peering over the rim of his glass he pointed at the two of us. Seeing this the waiter scurried over and gave us each another beer, but we both understood what he’d meant.
“From America?”
Gregor nodded.
“Ah, I think I see what you’re getting at,” Aaron said excitedly, “The tentacles of the capitalist beast, the ever-growing sprawl of fast-food chains . . in a word, globalization!”
Gregor’s brow furrowed. At least I think that’s what it did.
“Maybe yes, that too . . whatever, but that’s not what I’m talking about. No, no, it’s much more worse . . much!”

– from “The Annihilators” a short story of mine just out in the latest issue of Night Picnic.

“The Annihilators” is accompanied by an artwork illustrating a scene from the story (pictured) by Eugene Voron. And there is also a Russian translation of it in this bilingual magazine.

To read more than the beginning you have to buy the magazine, either in print or on a Kindle.

Take a look at the magazine here

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