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Literary roundup: Ranking Russians, Glas and Balla

Way back in 2013 when the world wasn’t utterly collapsing I had the foresight to publish an excerpt from Balla’s novella In the Name Of the Father, translated from the Slovak by Julia and Peter Sherwood. Now the book has been published by Jantar Publishing and translator Charles Sabatos has written about it in the […]

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Sándor Jászberényi in B O D Y

“The Blake Precept” by Sándor Jászberényi and translated by Matt Henderson Ellis is the first story in  Sunday European Fiction in B O D Y. The series will present short stories and novel excerpts in translation from all over Europe, especially of the great writers you probably haven’t heard enough about variety. There will be […]

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Slovak fiction at B O D Y

“Shadow Play” by Slovak writer Peter Karpinský is the first story I brought to Prague literary journal B O D Y as a new contributing editor. The story of a translator of a German poet that reveals itself to be much more than that, is part of Karpinský’s 2010 Anasoft-nominated collection The Holy Non-Assumption. The […]

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