Blacklist blues

On the Slovak Project Forum’s Salon website Russian novelist Victor Erofeyev laments Russian indifference to the dictators of the world. Whether it’s Qaddafi or Lukashenko, whose regime recently issued a blacklist of international figures not to be mentioned on state-controlled media in Belarus – a list that includes Victor Erofeyev – protests have been virtually non-existent.

While the lack of an official response is not all that surprising, there is an aspect that Erofeyev finds more troubling, and he doesn’t mince words pointing out what it is.

“Our intelligentsia, which in the past has written letters on behalf of our dissidents, has turned into a historic fossil. Our cultural elites – as a certain number of renowned cultural figures tend to be referred to these days – are depraved and divided. One or two of their number might shed a tear for our own prisoners but they don’t give a damn about foreign ones.”

Cover of Victor Erofeyev’s novel The Good Stalin 

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