Book World 2012: exploring Black Sea literature

Book World Prague takes a plunge into Black Sea literature, opening up literary vistas barely known to international audiences

The guest of honor at this year’s book fair is Romania, and according to Book World Prague (BWP) director Dana Kalinová, this gave them an opportunity to make a broader presentation of writing from other countries around the Black Sea.

Read the full article at Czech Position

And there will be more news and coverage coming from the book fair through the weekend.

Photo – The Black Sea looking suspiciously blue, by NASA

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One Comment on “Book World 2012: exploring Black Sea literature”

  1. paulstoutonghi
    18/05/2012 at 11:20 pm #

    Great article. From what I’ve heard Bulgaria is producing some great books these days — especially through Svetlozar Zhelev at Ciela (which is, I think, both a business book publisher, as well as a publisher of fiction titles).

    If only writers got free plane tickets for some reason. Ah, then I’d be in Sofia tomorrow. An airline that gives writers free plane tickets. Now, there’s a business model.

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