Marek Krajewski’s Dark Conjuring Act

This week’s Friday Pick in B O D Y:

“Open the pages of one of Marek Krajewski’s Eberhard Mock novels and you plunge into a unique and haunting world. It is a world pressed between the oppressive shadows of the two World Wars and seemingly losing its mind because of it; a world of secret societies where the borders between the practitioners of the occult, con-artists and the criminally insane are often impossible to determine, of pallid aristocrats who stand unblinkingly at their wives’ bedsides as they get ravaged by another man.”

An essay on Polish writer Marek Krajewski’s series of crime novels set in interwar Breslau.

Read it in B O D Y.

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One Comment on “Marek Krajewski’s Dark Conjuring Act”

  1. kellyhignett
    27/04/2013 at 5:25 pm #

    I’ve just looked Krajewski up on Amazon. His books sound great – I plan to order some. Thanks for the tip!

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