Lidia Amejko in B O D Y

“On Thursday, as always, I was awakened by the radio. Listening to the news while brushing my teeth— I have a radio right in my bathroom— I heard about the flood in the state of Pueblo, Mexico in which two thousand people had drowned. Now, I don’t know if that was the first time this happened but I too began to show symptoms of drowning.”

From “A Report On The Incident At The Hermitage” by Lidia Amejko in a translation from the Polish by Beatrice Smigasiewicz.

Here is a description of Amejko’s style I found on the World Literature Forum: “It may seem as though Amejko is developing her own brand of surrealism or magical realism. However, the author of “The Lives of the Project-Housing Saints” is merely pursuing “Amejkoism” in its pure form. There seems no other word for it.”

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