Marek Hlasko in B O D Y

“The stout man looked at Israel for the first time since he’d walked into the restaurant. He placed his glass on the table and said, ‘You should go away. You aren’t suited for this country and you don’t like it. Dov loves it. Too bad he’ll come to such a stupid end.’ He gazed into the distance; his eyes were red and tired.”



From the soon-to-be published novel by the great Polish writer that Roman Polanski called “a born rebel and troublemaker of immense charm”. The writer is Marek Hłasko and the novel is All Backs Were Turned, and you can read a chapter in the translation of Tomasz Mirkowicz in Saturday European Fiction.

All Backs Were Turned is the second Hłasko to be published by New Vessel Press and it will be released December 9. The first was Killing The Second Dog, which came out earlier this year.

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