Andrey Filimonov in B O D Y: fiction/interview

In the opening week of B O D Y’s Spring Issue we hit you with a double dose of Russian writer Andrey Filimonov. First, there’s an exclusive excerpt of the translation from his novel Retsepty sotvoreniya mira (World Creation Recipes), a book that delves into Russia and the writer’s family’s convoluted 20th century with some hallucinogenic twists (literally).

Then today, we offer a conversation carried out between Filimonov and the author’s two translators Richard Coombes and Anne O. Fisher in which they discuss Slavic word games, the real-life models for some of his characters, the influence of politics on his work and much more. If you don’t know much about Filimonov (and admit it, you don’t) and don’t know much about his native Siberia (again, probably not that much, though I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt) it’s a great read.

And if this isn’t enough for you then go back to June of 2020, when Covid was about to disappear because of the warm weather or glass of lysol you just drank and B O D Y published the opening chapter of Filimonov’s Golovastik i svyatye (Manikin And The Saints) translated by Anne O. Fisher.

Stay tuned for more of B O D Y’s Spring Issue coming up next week and throughout the month.

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