Pawel Soltys in B O D Y

“…with the index finger of my left hand I write in the grime on the windows on the even-numbered side, ‘Yes Vico! No Vice!’, and with my right arm I sweep up the beauties standing on the odd-numbered side and whisper obscenities in their ears. And when I get bored of this, with both hands I pull down pigeons off the roofs, to check if they have any messages for me, from this world or another. But they never do.”

– from a short story by Paweł Sołtys, translated from the Polish by Eliza Marciniak in B O D Y’s Fall Issue.

Known primarily as a musician in Poland under the name Pablopavo, Paweł Sołtys made his literary debut in 2017 and has been nominated for the Nike Award, Joseph Conrad Award and the Witold Gombrowicz Award.

Read more in B O D Y’s Fall Issue here

For a comprehensive article on Paweł Sołtys go to Culture.PL here

Photo by Albert Zawada

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