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Publishing Perspectives: EU Lit Prize Winners Dish on Tyranny of Big Languages

Unless a writer is translated into one of the big languages – English, French, German, Spanish – then it becomes very hard to get translated into the smaller languages. Three EU Literary Prize winners – the Czech Republic’s Tomáš Zmeškal, Bulgaria’s Kalin Terziiski and Romania’s Răzvan Rădulescu, talk about the challenges facing writers from smaller languages […]

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Literary Broccoli: Why Cliches about Translations Hurt Books

Translations shouldn’t be treated as “literary broccoli” or “armchair travel” and doing so is counterproductive. An article on some of the longstanding myths attached to literature in translation. Read the full article at Publishing Perspectives Photo – Ryūkō eigo zukushi (fashionable melange of English words), woodcut by Tsunajima Kamekichi showing illustrated sampler of foreign everyday […]

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