Publishing Perspectives: EU Lit Prize Winners Dish on Tyranny of Big Languages

Unless a writer is translated into one of the big languages – English, French, German, Spanish – then it becomes very hard to get translated into the smaller languages.

Three EU Literary Prize winners – the Czech Republic’s Tomáš Zmeškal, Bulgaria’s Kalin Terziiski and Romania’s Răzvan Rădulescu, talk about the challenges facing writers from smaller languages looking to get their work translated and reaching a larger audience.

Read the full article at Publishing Perspectives

Photo – 1) The oldest surviving document in Romanian (though the intro is in Slavonic and the whole letter is in Cyrillic) the letter of Neacșu of Câmpulung, 1521, 2) Tomáš Zmeškal, 3) Răzvan Rădulescu, 4) Kalin Terziiski

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