My Pravda interview

During my recent trip to Bratislava’s Bibliotéka book fair I was interviewed by the weekly cultural magazine of the daily Pravda. Here is a link to the interview, in Slovak translation naturally. All I can summarize from it is that they give some biographical details that I may or may not have made up (I don’t remember anymore), quote me about my literary tastes, about literalab and B O D Y, and referred to me as “milý”, which, if you look in an online dictionary can mean amiable or sympathetic, but also silken, suave and daddy-o (it was probably the last one due to the pompadour wig I was wearing and the ’57 Chevy I drove up to the fair in). I also diss American literature, though no one will probably take offense since I seemingly did it in Slovak. Too bad, really.

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One Comment on “My Pravda interview”

  1. Lucia
    17/12/2013 at 9:27 am #

    Thanks for letting us know about you and your literalab.

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