Jean-Luc Godard in B O D Y


the day when I will have seen
the world once again
held fast
like the two parts of a belt buckle
the word Russia
and the word happiness
I will really be ready to die…”

From Phrases: Six Films by Jean-Luc Godard, translated from the French by Stuart Kendall. The book, to be published in late April/early May by Contra Mundum Press, presents the spoken language from six Godard films made from 1991-2001 and commonly referred to as his “years of memory”.



From the books introduction: In an interview with Pierre Assouline published in Lire in 1997, when asked to describe the books collected herein, then only recently published, Godard replied: “Not books. Rather recollections of films, without the photos or the uninteresting details: ‘the car arrives…’ Only the spoken phrases. They offer a little prolongation. One even discovers things that aren’t in the films in them, which is rather powerful for a recollection. These books aren’t literature or cinema. Traces of a film, close to certain texts by Duras.”

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