Slovak Fiction Week in B O D Y

In the last four years B O D Y has published a lucky 13 pieces of Slovak fiction, soon to go up to 14. With short stories and novel excerpts – some now published, others still awaiting publishers for their English translations – we have presented some of the best contemporary Slovak writers, including Pavel Vilikovský, Uršuľa Kovalyk, Balla and many more. And these and brought to you by a fantastic group of translators led by Julia and Peter Sherwood, as well as Magdalena Mullek, Charles Sabatos, Janet Livingstone, Maria Modrovich and Jonathan Gresty.

Here is the full list and links:

Shadow Play by Peter Karpinský

In the Name of the Father by Balla

Seven Days to the Funeral by Ján Rozner

Ilona. My Life with the Bard by Jana Juráňová

Dark Shoes by Viťo Staviarsky

Honey Thieves by Lukáš Luk

The Autobiography of Evil by Pavel Vilikovský

Slow Walking Course by Uršuľa Kovalyk

Man on the Toilet by Ondrej Štefánik

To Sacrifice Yourself for Someone Else by Ondrej Štefánik

The Best of All Worlds by Irena Brežná

Dance With the Dead Maidservant by Juraj Bindzár

On a Tram by Dušan Mitana

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